Friday, 17 June 2016

~Coming Soon~

"Candy Floss Creative"

Who can possibly resist the sweet fragrance of candy floss 

The candy floss machine is a great addition to your celebration
The candy floss cart will be supplied at your venue with a uniformed operator, providing a professional and friendly service 
Candy Floss creative can provide parties to suit all.  
A number of all-inclusive unlimited candy floss packages are available, all with a uniformed operator, and we will happily do all we can to meet any specific requirements that aren’t already covered

Want longer? Just ask!  
Our candy floss cart is great for Weddings, Birthdays, fun days, school events or any other events!
If you want us to attend and sell candy floss then just contact us...we would be delighted to be part of your event! 
"Add a touch of class to your event" 
That pink fluffy stuff - officially known as Candy Floss - will sweeten any event and leave your guests with more than a sweet taste in their mouth but also a huge smile as they enjoy every melting bite.